Veterans Day Thanks

A few days ago I heard a local retailer advertising a “Veteran’s Day Sale.” There was no mention of offering service personnel or their families special appreciation or acknowledgement. It was a blatantly commercial grab for marketing attention — and it made me sad.

Whatever your personal political views or even your nationality, take a minute today to thank those who have sacrificed their time and health in their own (or their loved ones’) service to your country.

What to Say When Someone Dies

Say THANK YOU to veterans--and their families. Say THANK YOU to veterans–and their families.

What is the purpose of Veterans Day? “A celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.” *

One of the best ways to honor those who have served is to say “thank you” to them–and to their families–acknowledging awareness of their service and sacrifice on behalf of their nation.

I was raised in a patriotic home by parents whose reverence for and “allegiance to the flag of the United States” was founded in acknowledgement of all the souls who perished–from the Revolutionary War to the present–in paying the price for the freedoms that bless my life. (Most patriotic songs have brought tears to my eyes since I was old enough to understand their lyrics.)

As a widow, however, my appreciation for veterans has multiplied a hundred-fold. I have a…

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